Visibly Managing Your Working Capital Position

Working capital is one of the few remaining areas that can deliver significant cash to the business in a relatively short period of time without a large restructuring program.

When improving working capital in the organisation,the business must look beyond the boundaries of their own operational processes and understand drivers of cost and complexity in the entire working capital chain from revenue & inventory management through to expenditure management.

Total Working Capital Management (TWCM) has developed a collaborative approach that leads to a successfull implementation of sustainable working capital reduction.

Reducing Working Capital

This is for illustrative purposes only, improvement will depend on individual company circumstances

Working capital questions business needs answered today

Area of Focus
Typical Client Issues
Potential Scopes of Work
Accounts Receivable
  • Is our aging in control, are we collecting sales revenue in time.
  • Is the Invoicing transition cost appropriate
  • Do we resolve any customer disputes in time and do these disputes cause delays in receiving payments
  • Are our internal processes, procedures, Policy & Practices effective
  • Do we offer appropriate “terms & conditions”
  • DSO Analysis
  • Collections activity and associated cost
  • Terms & Conditions review
  • Dispute management
  • Invoicing process (Customer order to cash)
Accounts Payable
  • Are we getting the best “terms & conditions” for our purchasing?
  • Are we availing all appropriate discounts?
  • Is the A/P transactions cost appropriate
  • Are our internal processes, procedures, Policy & Practices effective?
  • How well are your contractors being managed?
  • Are you leveraging your contractors to support production peaks and valleys
  • DPO Analysis
  • Receivables activities & cost
  • Vendor Terms & Conditions review
  • Payment cycle/process (Purchase to Pay) review.
  • Contractor Evaluation & Cost Reduction
  • Contractor Resource Rationalisation
  • Contractor Management Process and Performance Measure Development & Implementation
Inventory Management
  • Are the inventory levels at the appropriate level?
  • Is our F/G inventory in-sync with demand?
  • Is our customer service level acceptable?
  • Do we use the right tools & techniques for inventory management?
  • Are there systems in place to manage the Supply Chain process from beginning to end?
  • Stock analysis and policies for inventory and product stocking levels
  • Procurement cost review
  • Inventory levels and associated tools & techniques for inventory management.
  • Customer service levels and inventory positions.

Why involve Total Working Capital Management

  • We have delivered successful working capital reduction initiatives
  • We understand what these projects require & focus on the right balance between methodologies, processes, people, data, technology & knowledge to deliver sustainable results
  • Our team provides the right blend of expertise & industry knowledge