Debt Assist provides you with debt help and debt consolidation. If you dread the phone ringing and hate opening the mail? Solve your debt problem with Debt Assist and enjoy a brighter future and a better night’s sleep.

Through debt consolidation, by rolling your existing debts into a single consolidated plan, Debt Assist can help freeze your debt, simplify your repayments and slash OR ELIMINATE the future interest you pay.

*You will still be responsible for your SECURED DEBTS EG HOME MORTGAGE OR CAR LOAN and ongoing living expenses such as phone bills, utilities and car rego etc.

Proven track record of Debt Assist

99% of Debt Assist clients proposing a Part IX Debt Agreement are granted government acceptance for processing.

86% achieved Part IX acceptance by creditors.

Thousands of Australians have turned to the qualified Debt Assist experts to find real solutions to their debt problems.

Break the debt cycle - contact Debt Assist today.

Debt Solutions to help you:

  • Save your house or car
  • Be debt-free in 30 to 60 months*
  • Reduce future interest
  • Stop the phone calls