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How to Start Easing Your Debt Worries

If you’re struggling with unmanageable debts and it’s causing you financial stress, it’s vital to act quickly and seek qualified financial information. In Australia, one such place to start is Debt Assist, which provides expert and reputable financial counselling in Melbourne, VIC, and Perth, WA.

Unlike unqualified practitioners who ask for upfront fees and promise to restore bad credit ratings and consolidate debt but rarely do, earning a reputation as being debt vultures, Debt Assist director Murray Grayburn promises to deliver sound financial information and advice to debtors.

Financial Information Melbourne, Victoria, Perth, West Australia, and Other States and Territories

“Our aim is to help people get back on their feet whether it is through referring them to the National Debt Helpline or by them entering into a formal insolvency arrangement,” Mr Grayburn says. “We will do what is best for the client via our financial counselling services in Melbourne, VIC, and Perth, WA.”

Some of the actions Debt Assist staff can do for debtors struggling with debt is to negotiate on their behalf, this includes:

  • Negotiating more time to pay bills with creditors
  • Organising flexible payment arrangements
  • Negotiating a smaller payment to settle the debt

Debt Assist staff may also help sort problems such as:

  • Bills or fines you're struggling to pay
  • Being harassed by debt collectors
  • Gas, electricity or phone disconnection
  • Being evicted from your house
  • Car accidents with no insurance
  • Tax debts

Debt Assist’s Murray Grayburn suggests calling the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007 as a first step in finding suitable financial council in Australia.

Debt Solutions to help you:

  • Save your house or car
  • Be debt-free in 30 to 60 months*
  • Reduce future interest
  • Stop the phone calls