How To Find A Financial Counsellor

Experiencing difficulties with personal finance can be extremely difficult and confronting, let alone having to go through that alone.

It is important for people experiencing financial hardship to be made aware of resources available to help them. In Australia there are many types of qualified financial professionals who offer confidential one on one support, to help people get back on track with their finances.

Where to start when it comes to finding the right financial counsellor for you?

Debt Assist financial counsellors in Australia have specific knowledge about debt management to help you understand your rights and guide you to the appropriate legal or support services for your situation.

Their qualified counsellors are experts in developing money plans, dealing with creditors, reorganising debts and putting together budgets, as well as seeking out any available grants or concessions to help pay down debts.

Debt Assist’s financial counsellors are also trained in counselling for personal matters, so that people experiencing financial hardship can receive adequate emotional and social support while going through the more practical motions of financial aid.

Qualified financial counsellors will not charge unsolicited fees and all consultation is completely confidential. Any individual hoping to find a financial counsellor can ensure that whomever they choose to work this adequately qualified by checking on the The Australian Financial Security Authority website




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